ABLE ANIMALS, 6922nd Security Squadron/Group/Wing or whatever

The attached listing of terms, phrases, nicknames, places are intended to excite you, delight you, confuse you, excuse you, and anything else that turns you on. These are the people, words and phrases that were the vernacular of the time. that we used consistently day in and day out. It's a compilation that we've put together that helps remind us of the PI daze. To help out with those of us who's memories are fading, short definitions have been added. In many instances no one knows or remembers where this terminology came from or why. It just did! For some of us certain terms meant something different. If you can remember any more, let Mouse know and it will be added. For ease of access, the terms have been arranged alphabetically, numbers first. ENJOY and let the good times roll!

1505s - Those lovely tan uniforms that were so chic. Willis stained his 1505 trousers with a Magoo blast just before the Animals piled on the bus
202 - Radio Intercept Traffic Analyst
203 - Linguists
292X1 - Morse Operators AKA X1
292X2 - Non-Morse Operators AKA X2
5204 - One of our favorite building numbers
69 TWENTY TWO TIMES - Need I say More
850 - Where we worked AKA The Compound or Pound

AFRTS/AFPN - Our favorite radio network; often an R390 was tuned to this frequency
AFSC - Air Force Specialty Code; as in 202, 203; 292X1, 292X2
AG22 - The media of the fruits of our labor
AJINOMOTO - The ubiquitous monosodium glutamate that was everywhere in the PI to sprinkle on food
AL POGI - Al Shirley; AKA Anejo Al
AMERICAN GARBAGE MACHINE - The Animal's Rock & Roll Band
ANEJO RUM - Went well with a nice meal or mixed with Coke
ANEJO AL - Nickname for Al "Pogi" Shirley
ANGELES CITY - The major town in the area of Clark AB of which Balibago was a suburb
ARAY! = OUCH! - Many times heard by a Hammer during the evening of delight
ASO = DOG - A favorite meat for BBQ; also the nickname for Greg Ebert
ATE' - (ah-tay) - Tagalog for older sister. If you were called Si Bob (older brother Bob) an appropriate response would be to call the hammer Ate' (whatever her name), i.e. Ate' Sony.

BACKDOORING - Somewhat of a perverse sport, getting overs with a girl before the guy she was with finds out. Typically, this guy was the one paying all of the bills if shacked up downtown
BAGOONG (OR BAGAROON) = Rotted Fish stewed in Vinegar & Salt for application on rice
BAGUIO - The PI's mountain resort and summer capital of the PI
BAKALA - Tagalog for "Billyboy" or "Queer"; also the name of an Animal JEEP, Steve Makala, with a similar last name spelling
BALIBAGO - The Animals Home Away from Home and location of many bars
BALLBAG - Where one kept ones balls
BALOOT (OR BALUT) - A duck or chicken egg toasted to a golden brown under mud or caribou dung
BAM BAM - Small village near Angeles
BAMBOO BOWL - The scene of many a football game on post a la M*A*S*H...A gladiator contest
involving our fearless Cobra football team; location for outdoor movies
BAR FINE - The cost of a Date. Generally 20 Pesos or $5 US
BASTOOS - Tagalog for "Bad" or "Nasty"
BBQ ON A STICK - The taste treats you could get on the streets, sometimes made of dog meat
BEAK - An endearing term for a Filipino. Short for KAIBEGAN meaning "Friend"
BEEPSDOO - A food dish served in the Cobra Den. It resembled and may have been Beef Stew.
BEER BLASTS - Animal Parties usually held at the Blue Eagle. Sanctioned by POO-LU/UFO/TOWN PRODUCTIONS
BEGGARS - Those LIFERS that enjoyed screwing with young, impressionable first-termers
BENJO DITCH - A place to pee in the open. Raw sewage found it's way to a river or body of water through the Benjo
BENJOBONE - Nickname for John Longerbone (received when he fell into the benjo his first rip to Town; he also lost his glasses on that fateful spill
BENNY BOXES - Taste treats from the Flight Kitchen brought in during mids for our meal
BILLY BOYS - Filipino cross dressers that offer oral pleasures and often ripped GI's off; mastered the fine art of taping their buto between their legs so they could just show off the bush to unsuspecting G.I.s trying to pass off as hammers
BLEEDING ON MIDS - Feeling the effects of late night activities and alcohol
BLOODY MIDS - Same as above
BLOWING SMOKE - BS'ing, especially related to screwing with JEEPs
BLUE BEACH - A favorite Animal resort area
BOZO - The one and only Buzz McManus
BURN BAG HOTEL - An area located back near maintenance where many an Animal would rack out on mids on top of a pile of burn bags.
BURN BAGS - Large grocery-like bags for classified waste and a place to put bennie boxes
BUTO - A pecker
BUTTERFLY - "Alibangbang" in Tagalog slang. Means one who is unfaithful to one's partner. One who frequently switches intimate sexual partners.

C.W. - Nickname for Jim Moss, taken from Bonnie & Clyde movie character
C-RATIONS - The contents of WWII and Korean War food that usually showed up in the Chow Hall at the end of the month
CALIFORNIA BUS LINES (CBL) - That fine vehicular transportation that would take us from the barracks to Town and back for only a nickel
CALISSA - A horse drawn cart. Much slower than a JEEPNEY but romantic when enroute to a hotel with a hammer
CARMEN CARIBOU - A not-maganda hammer from the Office Bar. Purported to be Bozo's squeeze
CATCH SOME Z'S - get some sleep; crash; zonk
CENTAVOS - 100 centavos equals 1 Peso. About 1/4 of one cent US.
CHAP - Nickname for Harmon Chapital
CHARLEY BROWN - Nickname for Charlie Beck
CHASING DITS - Slang for copying Morse Code
CHEAP CHARLIE - Prejorative response from bar hammers in response to a GI that declined an offer to buy her a Lady's drink
CHICKEN SH*T - What can I say? Unnecessary and unwelcome harassment of Animals by lifers
CHICKEN ADOBO - A tasty treat of chicken marinated in abodo sauce
CHICKEN BREAST - A nickname for Gary Schade
COCK FIGHTS - Beak sporting events with little human injury risk but lots of betting on a chicken
CHILI BEAN - Nickname for Vic Kelly
CHIT AND THE MADISONS - The Animal's favorite band that played at the BLUE EAGLE
CITA - One of the lovelies at the Jug; also the name of scads of hammers in the PI
CLARK AIR BASE - Our home away from home but no where near as much fun as Balibago
COBRA DEN - The name of Ron Samson's Webpage and the bar located in the barracks, Building 5204
COMMANDER'S CALL - A pain in the ass meeting normally held after a mid shift
CONNIE (FLOWER GIRL) - Cute little Filipina girl that sold flowers and peanuts
CONTROLLER - The heavy dude that guided collection
COOL HAND DUKE - Nickname for Dukeshire, a 202 on Able Flight
CRASH - Nickname for Willis
CROUCH - Garish Schadetree's personal vernacular for "crotch" (Wonder what Tree would do if told to "Go into a crouch position")
CUN* CAP = Standard military slang term for cap worn with 1505s and blues
CURFEW - Midnight when all good little Animals were supposed to be back on base or off the streets. RIGHT!!
CY - Nickname for Joe Cybulski

D.F - Direction Finding. Same thing Mouse would never get for Hippo
D.O.S. - Date of Separation. That important item on our final orders
DADDY COLE - Nickname for Sgt. Cole
DADDY "D" - Director of NSA
DAGA - Tagalog for "Mouse"
DAU - small little village north of Balibago
DAY SHOP - That Ops entity that we rarely saw
DAY LADIES - The occupants of the Day Shop; also known as "Day Whores"
DEAD HORSE - A perjorative nickname unfairly given to one of the more beloved Animals because of some hammer making a bad joke. There may have been some very slim thread of truth and another incident involving a calessa horse
DOGGIE BOYS - Animal friends from the K9 Air Police
DON PARKS TAILOR SHOP - Next door to the Jug
DR. TURK - Medical hero of bomb victim Animals. In addition to practicing true healing, he drove them to and from the Able Flight Christmas Party and ran interference against "Nurse Ratshit".
DRACULA - Another nickname for Jack Sverchek (See also IRONMAN)

EARTHQUAKE (AUGUST '68) - An event that caused many to head on out of the barracks in their underwear or towels
EIGHT PIBE OH - What hammers would say when looking for where their boyfriends worked or what you would tell taxi drivers when you missed the bus
ELEPHANT CAGE - Affectionate name for th FLR-9 antenna
E.M.H.O.  Early Morning condition report about the status of Mr. Happy
ERICKSON (WING/GROUP COMMANDER) - Once remarked that Mouse was a pain in the ass...Good for Mouse

FAR EASTERN HOTEL - One of the more popular inns in Balibago for personal encounters of the bar fine kind. Reminded that it came with assorted cockroaches and sometimes clean sheets.
FIELDS AVENUE - One of the more raucous bar areas
FILIPINOS - Those folks we had to share the PI with
FIRED UP - Drunk as a monkey
FLEXSCOP - An area in Operations where some of the Animals worked
FLR-9 - The antenna
FLY - Nickname for Terry Eberhardt; also a perjorative for a lifer as in "Like a fly. Eats shit and bothers people"
FROZEN SHIFTS - That nasty time when we had to work 12 hours on and 12 hours off

GAF or GAFF - Give A F**K ; Give A Flying F**K
GAGOO or GAGUL - Crazy or nuts
GILING GILING - A Tagalog slang term for intercourse; Animals made a tune "Giling giling, masarap, masarap, giling giling masarap, tay na sakama".
GINEBRA GIN - Rot gut gin that was the key ingredient of Shakem Ups
GNU - Had to do with a venereal disease diagnosis, some kind of urethritis
GOLDY - Nickname for Al Goldsworthy
GORILLA WOMAN - Little Buechler John's honeyko, at least for one night; she was big, strong and beautiful!  LBJ was the victim of a reverse spin and flying pin that night!
GREEN BADGE - Then, it was our clearance badge for entering OPS and you damn well better have it or no entrance; Now, it is the password for access into the restricted area of the Animal House website.
GROADY - Dirty, messy, smelly, lacking in social graces; as a noun someone whoe was dirty, messy, smelly, etc.
GUAPO - More better than Pogi; Meant more like handsome than good looking

HALIKA DITO - Tagalog for "Come Here"
HAIRBALL - Nickname for Dickie Myers
HAMMER - A woman, generally of giling giling age
HEAD VULTURE - The spiritual leader of the Animals
HIFFIES - Beak for Hippies
HINDI - Tagalog for No
HINDI MALAKING BAGAY - Tagalog for "It ain't no big thing", or "Don't worry about it".
HIPPO - An original, a lead Animal, AKA Big O
HOCKEY PUCK - Derogatory term for a guy or the mystery meat served in the chow hall near the end of the month that was cut into quarters; as in "Puck you, G.I." (This may have been a cultural thing?)
HONEYKO - Boyfriend or girlfriend
HOT BREATHING - A constant practice of the Animals, looking for free giling giling
HOT BREAD - Taste treat that was carried around and eaten with San Magoo
HOT SCOOBIE - Excitement on the job (it's why we were there!); often heard from ops or analysts declaring "I've got a Hot Scoobie"; also applied to good rumors of downtown shenanigans for subjection to heavy ragging
HUKS - Nasty little turds that caused immense trouble and also lobbed a bomb at an Animal pack

I HAB LUBS TO YOU! - The sweet refrain of a hammer letting you know that she might do giling giling with you for free or was looking for you to buy an L.D., pay the bar fine or provide some other monetary reward or barter, e.g. a free meal
IRONMAN - Nickname for Jack Sverchek (See also DRACULA)

JEEP - Just Entering Educational Phase or the motor vehicle left behind after WWII that was the basis of the Jeepney
JEEPNEY - A sometimes decorated Jeep that provided transportation off post and was used frequently by Animals to outrun the Town Patrol; also, a nickname for our intrepid Nelson Carpenter, later in life AKA Shakey
JENKE - A hammer (with boyish tendencies) who was a kaibegan of Jeffy
JESSY - A jeepney driver who hung around the jug and helped Animals avoid curfew troubles; also name of a little boy who hung around the Jug and ran errands for the Animals
JOHN HAY AIR BASE - A small base outside of Baguio where Animals would go to get away for the Balibago grind
JOHNNY'S GROCERY - A super-hyped Sari Sari store reminiscent of an American Mom & Pop's where you could shop. The Number 1 place to get pirated steaks that were lifted from base.
JO-JO - Young thing who lived on base, sometimes seen at the Blue Eagle and was the recipient of amorous attention from several Animals
JUNIOR MADISONS - Band members related to Chit and the Madisons that often were an opening act for the Madisons

K*SALLY - A favorite entertainment, usually visited by Animals on payday or when enough cash was on hand. Much like a Martha Raye who entertained troops in Vietnam, Sal entertained in the PI. Similar looks and mouths between Sl and Martha
KAIBEAGAN - Tagalog for "Friend"
KITTYCAT - Nickname for Gregg Taylor; see also Turk
KRACKER - Nickname for John Krakora
KRAM - The most prominent nickname for Ken Kramarsic, AKA KRAMSHAFT
KURIPOT - Tagalog for "Cheap" or "Stingy", which we heard many times
KUYA - Tagalog for "older brother"
KUYABOB - Older brother Bob; nickname for Bob Maki

LASING - Tagalog for shitfaced
LBFM - Little Brown F**king Machine; a common acronym used in Southeast Asia at the time
LBJ - Little Brown Jug (or Little Buechler John)
LD - Ladies Drink; usually a critical part of the Animals mating ritual with totally maganda bar hammers
LEMO'LIME - A Filipino drink quite like 7-Up that was an ingredient in Shakem-ups; also nickname for Ben Lemoine
LEONI VARGAS - Bar maid at the Jug that was a sweet and cute as could be, knew Morse code (better than Si Bob)
LEAVING ON A JET PLANE - A song by Peter, Paul and mary that was played for all of the departing Animals.
LIFER - A member of a strange sect that made the USAF their life and ours miserable
LILY HILL - A small mound of dirt with caves used by the Japanese in WWII. Negritos cleaned the Japanese out and in present time was a hostel for cobras that liked to head into the barracks and scare the crap out of us
LIL' BROWN JUG - Our favorite bar; spot of roll calls, and often where we bunked if we missed curfew
LIL' BROWN DERBY (NEXT TO LBJ) - Another bar frequented by Animals
LONG TIMER - What we all struggled to attain. Also known as an all nighter
LONG TIME - The opposite of a short time; generally not favored because it took so much time away from Town Runnin'
LONG BEACH - A favorite beach of the Animals to soak up rays and drink oneself into oblivion
LORINA VEHR - A maganda hammer that had a peculiar talent (extremely handy with a Magoo bottle and coin retrieval, so says Lemolime)
LOVELY LITA - Only one of the many maganda hammers that broke many an Animal Heart. There were many Litas in the PI
LUB - Pilipina pronunciation of "Love"; LUBS was the plural verb form from "I am in lubs to you".
LULU - One of the main Animals of the time. A true inspiration of Animalhood. Nickname of Mike Gilson
LUMPIA - Filipino spring rolls that often served as a culinary mainstay during drinking fests

MABAHO POKI - Tagalog slang for stinky female genitalia
MABALAKIT DAU - A small inhabited area just north of Balibago and residence to maganda hammers
MABALAKIT ( OR MABALAKET?) - Same spot, there was two little village type places, Dau and Mabalakit
MABUHAY - Tagalog for "Hello " also "Welcome"
MACARTHUR HIGHWAY - The main roadway through the ''Ville" that ran from Manila to points north
MAGANDA - Tagalog for "Beautiful or Pretty"
MAGOO - Slang GIs gave to San Miguel Beer, also referred to as "Mother's Milk"
MAKATI - A burb just outside of Manila; very upscale where the elite meet to eat meat
MALAKING BUTO - A large appendage used for giling giling
MALAKING SU-SUS - Large mammaries
MAMIYAT - Tagalog for "Later"
MANILA - The capital of the Philippines ('scuse the crap outta me - The capital is really Quezon City - This was a test)
MAMASAN - A hammer that either ran a string of hammers or cleaned and washed stuff
MASAKET - Part of the term Masarap, Masaket, meaning it feels good but it hurts; normally associated with giling giling
MASARAP - See above; in Tagalog it means "Tastes good" or "Feels good"
MARCOS - Nickname for Mark Vellinga (also name of former PI dictator and his shoe fetishist wife)
MATS (MAC) TERMINAL - Where Animals arrived and departed the PI. Could also get grub there
MAX - A favorite Jeepney driver that was used quite often by Animals; had a white streak in his hair; extraordinarily good at eluding the Town Patrol
MC-88 - The designator for the manual typewriters used in operations. Also, a toy used by others to especially mess with X1s copying their dits. Folded paper wads between the keys were a favorite.
MIARS - An formated report used by X2s and poked on paper tape by 202s
MIDDAY BREAK - The break period between Mids and Days
MID RAG - Also known as Screamsheets, documented the many instances of weak shit perpetrated by Animals during their off duty forays
MILA or MELA - Cute little flower girl that came in and out of the Jug and bar environs selling flowers
MOON MAN - A tall thin officer who only wore 1505s and only appeared in OPS on mids and was always leering from behind equipment racks; his main features were his anvil shaped head with two shaved circles on each side and a single black dot in the center of each. His nickname was coined by Zit-Zit Meola. There is a legend that he was in maintenance but was really a zombie officer and became that way because of strange bio-electrical experiments that were conducted in maintenance.
MONK - Nickname for Tom Lavelle
MOUSE - Nickname for Joe Fraundorfer; much preferred over another nickname unjustly bestowed (Dead Horse or Kabayong Patay)
MOTHER'S BAKERY - A bakery around the corner from the Jug that sold cakes and pastries.  A sometimes stopping place after curfew was lifted to get cupcakes for breakfast to go with the Magoo
MSD - Morse Search and Development
MT. ARAYAT - That large mountain you could see from the barracks
MT. PINATUBO - That large, dormant volcano, closer to Manila that erupted and helped in closing Clark AB because of the large amount of ash and crap that dropped on Angeles and Balibago and other places in the PI

NEGRITOS - Little short shits that lived on post because they cleared the Japanese out of Lily Hill and were rewarded an encampment at the Clark AB garbage dump (their choice of locations). Hated Filipinos and vice versa. Lots of killings on both sides due to disputes. Lots of stories about them. Visits to their camp could get you knives and blowguns
NELL CASTRO - One of the Jug managers
NEWT - Nickname for Newton
NIPA HUT - A ubiquitous Filipino dwelling constructed on bamboo stilts and covered in palm fronds. The floors were split bamboo and spaced so that dirt and bits of food dropped from the mouth or plate could fall below to the pigs and chickens
N.S.U. - Non-specific urethritis, not clap but an inflammation of the buto nontheless; a huge scare for many Animals
NUMMER 1 - Pilipino slang for "Good". Not heard too often by Animals
NUMMER 10 - Pilipino slang for "Bad". Heard often by Animals
NUMMER 10 ALIBANG-BANG (Butterfly)  - You bad, you mess roun. See also bastoos. Usually that meant you got caught stepping out with another hammer and got caught by your honeyko. The results were always bad news.

O O (Oh Oh)- Tagalog for Yes
OASIS HOTEL - A hotel used for short time and long time. It was air conditioned, but the cinder block walls could put you off if there wasn't something else on your mind
OLD BALIBAGO - The older portion of Balibago
OLD BALIBAGO HOTEL - Another night time haunt
OLO - Tagalog for Head (the one on your shoulders). You may have heard yelled at you "Poke Poke i olo" which meant you were going to be struck on the noggin. Beaks loved to hit the ones they liked or loved in the head. It must have been a cultural thing.
OLONGAPO (Subic Bay) - Navy town nearer to Manila. Bad place for Animals when the fleet was in; many fights an the prices skyrocketed if there were any hammers left around. Usually old, toothless mamasans ran the bars serving up Magoos becasue the maganda hammers were otherwise occupied. Could be a nice diversion without the sailors around

P - Peso or Piso Philippine currency (the beaks had both forms printed on bills)
PALE PILSON - San Miguel Beer (factoid: rhymes with Gilson, but Lulu wasn't pale)
PALICARO - Tagalog for a guy that ran around on his honeyko; much worse term than "ALIBANGBANG" which means butterfly
PAMPANGA - The province in which Clark, Angeles, Balibago, Tarlac and other points of interest were located
PANCIT - A taste treat, along with lumpia, made up a goodly portion of Animal food. Basically fried noodles with veggies and some strange meat mixed in.
PANDESAL - That fantastic Filipino bread that tasted so good. You had to be careful, though. Sometimes the beaks like to put ungodly paste stuffing inside the pandesal rolls. Like bean paste, bagoong and other forms of crap.
PANGASINAN FALLS - A large tourist area that featured a waterfall. Long bonca boat ride up river to view; Apocalypse Now was filmed here
PANGIT - Tagalog for "Ugly"
PANTS - Nickname for Donnie Pierce
PAPAGAYO'S - A restaurant that served Mexican food. Often Animals would be accompanied by hammers
PAPPY JEWENS - Cobra football coach, first name Richard. Worked with Mouse at Daddy D's place in Fort Meade Maryland before he eventually retired from the USAF and moved to Delaware
PARTIALLY FIRED UP - Reaching a happy high; warning for other Town Runners to expect random sh*t when fully fired up.
PAS-PAS - Tagalog for "Hurry"!
PCS - Permanent Change of Station. Those three words that an Animal hated to face because it meant leaving the PI, or was happy to hear if he was close to an admin hold because of a hammer that was nearing motherhood
PEBBLE BEACH - On the roof above the chow hall connected to the barracks (Building 5204. Place for cushions and sunburns)
PERVERSION ROW - Nickname for a section of the strip of bars past the Jug
PESO OR PISO - See P. Philippine currency was pronounced "payso" but written on the paper currency as Piso. Go figure, it was the PI.
PIBE TWO OH POR - The way hammers pronounced the barracks location. Also, not something an Animal wanted spread around downtown because of potential adverse actions.
PIG ALLEY - An area of Balibago where the not so maganda hammers were located
PIGGY - Nickname for John Blanton. See also Rock.
PlLIFINO PITER FILOT - A diversion used by Animals to guffaw at beaks because they coudn't distinguish between "Ps" and "Fs". Many laughs usually when we were in our cups.
P.J. - Nickname for "P.J." Singleton
PLIP PLOPS - What the beaks called shower clogs (that ubiquitous Filipino footwear). The American term was "Flip Flops". Flip Flops, or Plip Plops, made an unusual yet distinctive sound when walked in, like plop, plip, plop with every step.
POGI - Tagalog for "Handsome" or "Good Looking"; nickname for Al Shirley; we all ponder that one with a conclusion that Al selected it himself
POGI-POGI DENGOLI - Hammer joke on GIs in Tagalog that meant "You're good looking, but you need a bath"
POK POK (Poke Poke) Y OLO - Tagalog for "I'm going to hit you in the head"
POK POK (Poke Poke) A TI TI - Tagalog for "I'm going to kick you in the N*ts". See BUTO for their partner
POKI - Female stuff that's shaped like a taco
POLIKERO - Tagalog for a "Runaround". See also Alibang bang and Butterfly
POO BEAR - Nickname for Kevin Brown, one of the founders of POO LU Productions
POO-LU - The non-incorporated activity that produced such outstanding events as U.F.O. Beer Calls at the Blue Eagle
PUET - Tagalog for "Ass", Buttocks. As in "that hammer has a dynamite PUET"
PUKE(S) - See Lifer; a perjorative term for those individuals that attempted to interfere with the Animal way of life
PUPPET - Another nickname for Terry "Fly" Eberhardt

QRM - a "Q Signal" for man-made interference. Also, a pisser for X1's who hated to get out of rythym
QUINT - Nickname for Terry Quinton

R.F P .(Ask Chili Bean Kelly)
R.O.D. - "Relieved of Duty", generally meant you were headed out to a new tour or back to the ZI
R-390 - That most versatile of radio receivers. Associated with "Turn on that damn BFO".
RACK - A place where the operators worked with their R390s and typewriters.
RAINY (MONSOON) SEASON - The period of time prone to huge amounts of rainfall from monsoons and typhoons. Many times town garb was shower clogs and USAF raincoats. During these times the benjos would often overflow and water could be up to or past your knees.
RANDOM - A slang term for "off-the-wall"; first part of the nickname for Randy Roberts to make it a triple "R" or just plain "Random"
RAP - Nickname for Ronald Perry
RICO RATSO - Another nickname for Animal Jimmy "Zit-zit" Meola (mutate from the Dustin Hoffman character in the film "Midnight Cowboy" named "Ratso Rizzo")
RIZAL PARK - A park in Manila named for Jose Rizal, a Filipino hero
ROBINA FARMS - A great place to eat in or carry out chicken and hot bread
ROCK - Another nickname for John Blanton. See also "Piggy"
ROJAS BOULEVARD - main drag in Manila
ROOF TOP GARDENS - Place across from the Jug and upstairs. Site of the American Garbage Machine's first gig. I think this was the location of a G.I. and a hammer getting shot after the Huks raced through town shooting up the place because the hadn't gotten their protection money and to mess with the Filipino town police.
ROLL CALL - A mandatory formation usually at the Jug

S&W - Surveillance & Warning. Also attached to center where 202s worked
SALAMAT PO - Tagalog for "Thank You"; normal response was "Walang Alimang"
SALLY BOB'S (TACOS) - Chili Bean says they had the best tacos in the PI!
SAN FERNANDO  - The capital city of Pampanga, south of Angeles, where each year on Good Friday, the beaks crucify a dude and other beat themselves bloody to celebrate Jesus' passing. Many Animals traveled there to witness this extraordinary event while drinking Magoos and Ooohhing and Ahhing at the celebrants. Rather a "Beat me, Hurt me" affair. Reportedly, the crucified dude and the beaters were forgived of their sins. Very sado-masochistic, but all beak
SAN MIGUEL - Philippine beer. Special to any Animal's heart. Mother's milk, See also Magoo
SANTA MARIA VILLAGE - One of the housing compounds off post where many G.I.s had houses
SARGE - Nickname for an unknown lifer rummy who drank Jade East in the Cobra Den one night
SARI-SARI STORE - A little plywood shack that was the last resort for Animals to get stale cigarettes because they had depleted the supply they carried with them to Town. There were other taste treats sold there and often our hammers would run out of the house or room to get something, cold beer, gum, ciggies, etc.
SCHADETREE - Nickname for Gary Schade
SCREAM SHEETS - Documentaries of the Animal's weak shit adventures on break. Typed on 6-ply paper these sheets chronicled weak shit and adventures. Often, full disclosure of said weak shit was unwelcomed by specific Animals engaged in said weak shit, but nothing was sacred...weak shit is weak shit
SHACK or SHACK UP - To find and maintain female sexual companionship usually in a rented property downtown. This state of relationship also make one subject to backdooring.
SHACK RUNS - Those infrequent trips to the hamburger shack right outside of ops where usually a beak with a ciggie hanging out of his mouth with an ash a foot long slaved over a grill and cooked up burgers and fries.
SHAK'EM UPS - Ginebra Gin - 50%, LEMOLIME and Pineapple juice, shaken, not stirred in one of the off-base water jugs. The exact measurements were to taste, but Lulu was considered the Shak'emup Master Chef.  Grape Kool Aid was a feeble attempt at making "Purple Jesus"
SHAM - An attempt to BS or pull the wool over someone's eyes. Not real; Activity associated with X1s who, for what ever reason, just could not chase those ditties fast enough, (e.g., "GRBLD", "FADED", "QRM", etc.)
SHITTERLY - Unflattering nickname for a particular lifer.
SHORT TIME - A "quickie"; a satisfying period of time spent with a hammer generally of short duration  and usually lasting from just before curfew until the next morning, sometimes much shorter in time invested.
SHORT TIMER - A GI with very little time left on the tour. many could be distinguished by the wearing of the Crown Royla ribbon from the neck of the bottle that had to be downed in a single evening in the 'Ville
SHOT (or THE SHOT or SHOT OF LEG) = giling giling; intercourse; also known as "legging"
SHOWER CLOGS - predominant shoe of choice among our hosts made of cheap but pliable plastics; created a strange, but distinctive flapping sound when walked in; later became known as "Flip Flops" possibly because of the sounds they made; made famous in Jimmy Buffet's song "Margaritaville"
SI-BOB - Nickname for Bob Harris
SIGAY (OR SIGE) NA - Tagalog for "Hurry"
SIGAY PAS - Tagalog for "Hurry Up Now" or "Go Now"
SITTERLY - An antagonist for many of the X1s
SKI - Nickname for almost any person of the Polish persuasion; Many of these based on family names; this however was the nickname of Leonard Kowalski
SLICKY BOYS - Young Beak street urchins that tried every con thinkable on GIs, even resulting in outright theft; due to their antics they were many times the punching bags of Animals; extremely well versed in American cuss words and striking a devasting karate pose, normally ended up eating dirt; dangerous in packs and many adept at butterfly knives
SMELLY - (Suits, Meola & Kelly) name bestowed on them by the Head Vulture through Hippo
SMUT (Suits, Meola & Taylor) ((Does anyone get the idea that Hippo had too much time on his hands to make up acronyms based on names))
SNUFFY - Nickname for some dude named Smith (figures) who was in Crete with Sverchek??
SOOOOS - Exclamation made by certain hammers; based on "Jesus" pronounced "Hay" and "Soos"
SPROUT - Glorious early relief from the GI on the next shift (usually X1s)
SPUD (AKA SNOWBALL) - Nicknames for Thayne Barker
SUGAR CANE - A plant matter that yields sugar. Also, a favorite hiding place from the Town Patrol because of the rats and snakes that infested the cane field and scared the Town Patrol away from hiding Animals felons that had broken curfew or other dastardly deeds. One field was located behind the block that the Jug and other running places were. Was a place of refuge for Mouse as he eluded Town Patrol yelling that "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"
SULLY - Nickname for Sullivan (That was easy)
SU SUS OR SOO SOOS - Tagalog slang for breasts, literally tits
SWEDE - Nickname for Bob Swanson AKA "The Dancing Bear"; world renown for a great Ed Sullivan impression
SWOOP - Means to head out to or leave shortly, as in "swoop down to the 'Ville" or "he already swooped out of here".

T (THE TOWN SIGN) - A symbol used by Animals to indicate their intended destination as soon as the shift was over. The "T" was made using the right fingers placed into the palm of the left hand; similar to the "Time Out" sign
TACAMONA - Tagalog for "Wait a Minute". Also, used as "Taca-fu*ka-mona" for emphasis
TACO - A Mexican food or the description of a part of anatomy; also the nickname for Mark Valasquez of Dawg Flight
TAGALOG - Language of the beaks
TALAGA - Tagalog for "Really?" The word "Dalaga" which sounds almost exactly the same is a young unmarried female. Really? Dalaga talaga?
TANAPI - Hot Bread
TANGA - Idiot
TARLAC - Huk-ville. A large town north of Balibago that was reportedly infested with Huks. Not the nicest place in the world for an Animal to be caught out after dark. It was also a train stop enroute to the beaches. It was also the area where Tex, the Jug manager, invited some of the Animals to come to celebrate a christening. Hmmm. any tie-in.
TARZAN - Nickname for Mark Lyvers who performed his patented Tarzan yell just prior to break on the ops floor
TATER - Nickname for Jim Dacus
TAVS - short for centavos, those worthless coins; tavs were used often to place on the top of an empty bottle of San Miguel to be picked up by squatting hammers without the use of hands
TDY - Temporary Duty
TEX - manager of the Little Brown Jug; very helpful to the Animals and good friend of the 6922nd
THE PI - The Philippines
THE DIRTY DOZEN - A group of bars in Angeles near the railroad tracks. Dirt floors and no heads. Fun times for rest and relaxation, but closed in the late 60's
THE BIG "O" - Nickname for Hippo
THE BLOCK - Area of town predominately visited by brothers; Bozo and Mouse were known to frequent bars in the area o hear MOTOWN music.
THE BLUE BUS MASSACRE - An event that sent shivers up the spine of the beak driver. Spawned by an overwhelming desire of the Animals to not go back to 850 and immediately terminate the Day Watch as lunch was finished
THE BLUE EAGLE - A club where the Madisons played and the Animals drank and danced. Also the site of the POO LU and UFO beer calls. On the roof, Si Bob and Mouse played Batman and Robin.
THE BUCKAROO - A favorite haunt of the Animals across the street from the Jug
THE CAN DO - Across the street from the Jug
THE COBRA DEN - A bar lounge on the first floor of Building 5204, home barracks of the Animals
THE PLAYBOY CLUB - A bar on the other side of the Blue Eagle
THE CORRIDOR BALLBAGS  A fictitious band quite similar in the future to Spinal Tap
THE AMERICAN BAND PRESENTS FRESH GARBAGE - Go figure; a band comprised of Animals Zoot, Dickie Myers, Turk, Meola, Jack Sverchek, Shade Tree. The Animal Band played a few gigs in Balibago. They also took the name of Corridor Ballbags and HV and the Corridor Ballbags. These names were attributed to Jimmy "Zit Zit" Meola, one of the band members
THE ELEPHANT CAGE - Another nickname for the FLR-9
THE HEAD VULTURE - The spiritual leader of the Able Animals who spoke only through Hippo and smote our enemies
THE JUG - The Animal's Oasis
THE LIL' BROWN DERBY - A bar next to the Jug
THE LIL' BROWN JUG - The full name of the JUG
THE LUCKY CHARM - A bar near Papagayos that was a favorite after curfew watering hole
THE OFFICE - Another bar
THE OLD BALIBAGO HOTEL - See Old Balibago Hotel above
THE RENDEZVOUS - Another bar
THE WORLD CLUB - A club (Thank God I thought I was gonna have to type "Another bar" again)
THE SAINT - Nickname for 1st Lt Glen Gillette; He even signed reports with the stick figure and halo but did not look like Roger Moore
THE SHANG HAl RESTAURANT (NEXT TO THE JUG) - Restaurant for good pancit and lumpia
THE "PIE" - Short version of "Philippine Islands"
THE POUND - Home of the canines (K-9s); also (to confuse the uninitiated) short for compound, where we worked in Building 850
THE WALRUS - Nickname for Animal Bob Maki
THE WAR - That period of time in which we all served and kinda sorry that it ended
THE COBRA DEN - A bar located in the barracks area that was good for getting San Miguels anytime and hot dogs, etc.
TI TI - Hammer slang in Tagalog for "N*ts" but also applied to the male genital member
TILLY - Nickname for Dave Tillman
TIMMY THE BEAR - Nickname of the erascible Steve Kavanaugh
TINIKLING - Most popular of the native dances. The "Bamboo Dance"; good for giving Animals sore ankles by getting them caught between the bamboo poles; source of many limps depending on how well you danced
TOP SECRET UMBRELLA - We still can't talk about it!
TOWN RAT - What almost every Animal was...skulking the 'Ville for beer and hammers
TOWN PATROL - The local constabulary that had very little humor when it came to fights and curfew breaking; joint Philippine Constabulary and USAF Air Police
TOWN - Term used for fun times. AKA The 'Ville
TRI CITY POLICE - A joint effort by the Philippine Constabulary, Angeles City Police and Balibago Police to protect and serve the residents of the town and air base
TUBA - A coconut wine that was guaranteed to screw you up. Served warm at the resort area of Pangasinan Falls also made for unpleasant trips up the river to the falls, but did serve as an innovative ice-breaker for strange activities and meeting new friends, and sloppy drunks. Cause of much weak shit.
TUBIG - Tagalog for water; often confused by Animals as a compliment from the hammer
TULU - Tagalog for drip; why there was a long line wrapped around the base hospital every Monday morning. Great ryhme with LULU TULU
TURK - One of the nicknames for Gregg Taylor
TWO LINERS - Legendary "superior" Manila brewed Magoos with only two lines of white lettering on the back of the bottle

U.F.O. - Short for "Under Four Only" and sponsors of Able Flight beer calls
UNSIGHTLY - Could have been used in conjunction with unkempt or gross. Heard many times related to the condition of ones position or area. Very flexible term.

VILLA RICA HOTEL - A hotel near the Jug

WARTS - don't know but presume it may have to do with protrusions or unsightly bumps on genitalia
WALANG - Tagalog for "nothing"; as in "I have walang in my shorts"
WALANG ALIMANG - Tagalog for "You're welcome"; similar to above but meant "it was nothing"
WET RAT - Affectionate name for one of the many hammers that exhibited the same characteristics
WHITE RABBITS - Those Philippine buses that could take you to far away places with animals, not the flight kind; generally had air conditioning vis-a-vis the wooden buses which were open air and provided equal opportunity to passenger service and sundry livestock
WOODY - A Dawg flighter that had bars and a string of hammers. A true entrepreneur that knew what sold and how to sell it
WX - Acronym for "weather" used on the floor of 850

ZI - The good old US of A. We yearned to make it back until we realized we had to leave the PI to do it
ZIT-ZIT - Nickname for Jimmy Meola

For All of you PI Animals that yearn for the good old daze, check out this web site. It was built by a maganda hammer named Rochelle. It has the Philippine National Anthem and a real neat page called "You may be a Filipino if.... Check it out!


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A Pilipina's  "Da Night Bepor Christmas"
Dees Poem ees for dem Animals out der and good Pilipinos an Pilipinas eberee where ass toled me by my Ate

Da night bepor Christmas
An all tru da house
Nating pas
Not eben a mouse.

Da children dey nossie
all snog on da ploor
An Mama puts newspepper
Tru da crack on da dor.

Den Mama in da stobe
Roost up da manuk
Steer up da adobo
An make bake da biko.

Den out on da rud
Dey got such a clatter
Soun like old manong
Pull down da ladder.

I run so past
To open da dor
I trip ober da dog
An pall down on da ploor!

As I look out da dor
In da light ob da moon
I thinking "Apo, you cressy
I'm gitting old too soon.

Becuss dere on da rud
Wer I turn my hid
Dere's eight carabao
Pulling a sled
An a little driber
Wit a big ishtick
I know right away
must be St Nick.

Mob paster an paster
Da carabao dey come
He wistle an holler
An call dem by nim:
"Oy, Boogy!
Oy, Ninoy!
Oy, Dong!, an' Bebe!
Ay, Inday!
Ay, Melda!
Cory, an Maria!

To da top ob da porch
To da top ob da wall
Crawl da carabao
An dey neber pall.

Uncle Onsing's pighting shicken
Ober da rooptop he ply
Wen da big dog
He running by

Up to da porch
Da carabao he clime!
Wit da sled pull of toys
An St Nicklas behine.

Den on top of da porch roop
It soun like hell
Wer all dem carabaos
Sit down on der till.

Den down da chimney
I yill por long time
As St Nicolas pall down
An sit on de pire.

"Hay-sus-Ma-ria-Sep!", he exclime
"My pant hab a hole
Wen I sit down
On da rid hot coal,
An jump like a cat out to da ploor
Where he lan wit a splot!

He was dress in pur
Prom his hid to his poot
An his clothes dey all dirty
Wit ashes an zoot
A sock pull ob playting
He trow on his back
He look like a boorglar
An dats por a packt.
His eyes how dey shine
His dimple, how mirrey!

Mebe he ahredy drink
Da wine prom da birry.
His chik was like a rose
His nose like a chirry
On secon tought mebe
He drink up da shirry.

Wit snu-white chin wisker
An quibering billy
He shik wen he lop
Like da strubirry jelly!

But a wink in his eye
An a shake ob his hid
Mik my compidence dot
I no nid to be skirred.

He doan' talk
He juss go to his woork
Put playting in sock.

An den he turn wit a jerk
He put boat his han
On top ob his hid
An look up da chimney
An den he said "Wit all dat pire
An dat burning hot plim
I no go back
De sim way I kim.

So he run out da door
An he clim up da roop
He is no pool
Por to make one more goop.

He jump to his slid
An crock his big wip
Da carabaos mob down
An don mik one slip.

An I hir him shout loud
Wit da carabaos he ply
"Mirry Christmas to all!
An to all a goodbye!"