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The Links below are related to our Animal Experiences. Since there were so many and I expect there may be more to follow, The sites were placed on a separate page for your to browse. There is a short description of the site and contents.
The Cobra Den -
Ron Samson, Able Animal is the Web Master. Ron was most helpful to the fledgling Mouse and helped assist with building the Animal House. Ron's Cobra Den was the first one that focused on the 6922nd and the trials and tribulations we all had to endure. Thanks, Kuya.

This site is for anyone who worked rotating shifts, worked mids with a hangover, or hung out in bars where hammers were tools of another sort. Also, if you develop a tick in your eye, or you unconciously reach for a headset when you hear Morse code, or you recognize the terms "dittybop", AN/FLR-9, or R-390, then this site might be just the place for you. The site also contains pictures, names, and addresses of guys (sorry, no women were assigned to this dangerous task during this time frame) assigned to Clark, primarily in the late 60's and early 70's.

USAFSS WebRing -

Your connection to USAFSS, Electronic Security Command, Air Force Intelligence Command, and Air Intelligence Agency related links on the worldwide web. This site has hot links to a number of organizational and personal home pages.
Margarita Station -

Located in the heart of ANGELES CITY's entertainment district (adjacent to the main gate of Clark SEZ), Margarita Station is a bustling restaurant and bar with activities 24-hours a day. This was one of the first sites I found related to Angeles City. It has some neat photos of today's Angeles City and what the Filipinos have done to the FLR-9. You gotta check it out. Good joke pages, too. Check out the price of the San Miguel, a bottle of San Miguel is now about 70 cents and a draft is 50 cents. They didn't even have draft San Miguel when we were there and in our day it was a helluva lot cheaper. I'm afraid to ask the price of our other pleasure. Info on Expats, Subic, Clark, Pinatubo, and lots of other interesting places.
USAFSS 6987th Security Group, Shulinkou AS, Taipei, Taiwan - - Nelson "Steve" "Jeepney" "Shakey" Carpenter, Able Animal is the Web Master. Jeepney is responsible for helping this poor Mouseketeer to find out how to build the Animal House. Mouse and the Head Vulture will always be grateful for his patient assistance and help. Jeepney is a true Kuya. Thanks, Jeepney!

This web site is devoted to the memories of former military members assigned to Shulinkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan. The air station was under the command of the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS). It was also home for units of the U.S. Army Security Agency and the U.S. Naval Security Group. The "listening post" was active from its establishment in 1955 until its closing in 1977, a short period of time, lasting twenty-two years. Shulinkou's military mission was of a classified nature; however, we essentially intercepted, transcribed, decoded, analyzed, and reported to higher authority on targeted foreign military radio communications belonging to communist China.

The Shulinkou site is sponsored for the 6887th SG by Dawg Flight. Roger Lentz, another Able Animal Kuya, helped Jeepney with the pictures. Arf, Arf, Sniff, Sniff. And a grand salute to Major Betty.

Clark Air Base Scrapbook - - The webmaster is a guy named Tom Utts, a former USAF guy that has lots and lots of hot links to other web pages that have to do with Clark AB. You can spend a long time going from site to site and there is a section that looks back on Clark AB from the 1950s to the present. Very interesting site.
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The Vietnam Era - - This web site has music and songs from and about our time during the Vietnam Conflict. The music and songs still exist in our hearts and minds. So just kick back, pop a cold one and enjoy the sounds of inspiration and memories.
Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents - - This is the Department of Veteran's Affairs web site where you can read or download the booklet that explains the benefits available for veterans and their dependents and other information related to the veteran.
6937th Communications Group - Peshawar, Pakistan - - Dedicated to those resilient young troops that endured beautiful Peshawar and ended up somewhat warped but ready to party hardy, especially those who joined us in the PI paradise known as Balibago. This site is dedicated to the memory of the 6937th Communications Group and to all those stationed at  Peshawar Air Station.  PAS was established in 1958 as an isolated detachment of the United States Air Force Security Service located in a remote area south of the city of Peshawar, Pakistan.

6922nd Security Squadron Clark AB, The Philippines - - The webmaster is a former 6922nd guy that has a number of pictures of the unit area, base, and downtown.