Stray Animals
Animal NameStatus of SearchLast Known Location

Jim Shields           6 Ltrs Sent, 3 ret'dKY

Danny Harris         5 Ltrs Sent           FL (Found 2010 in FL)

Bill Willis               6 Ltrs Sent 1 ret'dWV (Found 2007 in WV)

Neil Sullivan           3 Ltrs Sent   PA

Gary Lewis                 Found  -  now on Kuya List             GA

Phil Kling               No Address  LA

Joe Gattuso           No Address     LA or PA?

Dave Martin                                         ?                                                  San Antonio

Tim Browne            No Address

Art Farmer     ?Syracuse, NY

David Wray     ?     Worchester, MA

Robert "Duke" Dukeshire No Address

Jim Krakura            No Address

Joe Standard           No AddressTorrance, CA

Joe Stone                No AddressGA

Roy Hall                  No AddressBerkeley, CA

Mel Rubin                No AddressPhila, PA

Larry Baker              No AddressPhoenix, AZ

Gene Rupert            No AddressBloomsburg, PA

Jim Seiders             No AddressUrbana, IL

Charles Robinson (Robbie?)   1 Ltr SentIndependence, KS

LC Martin (?)           No Address

Don Wellington        No Address

Andy Roberts    FOUND - on Kuya Roster     Pensacola, FLA

Dave "Tilly" Tillman Deceased           Portland, OR

Below is a list compiled by Lulu with help from other Animals that is the last known information on "Stray Animals". Our hope is that we can locate the "Strays" and bring them back into the fold. Lulu has been real busy writing letters to individuals with names we knew in the PI in the chance they are our long lost Kuyas. If you know of anyone that isn't already on the list please let Lulu know.

The intent of this page of the Animal House is to provide you with all of the information available and hope that you may be able to locate, contact, and help bring the Stray Animals home, letting them know about the great friendship that still exists. Salamat Po for any help you can provide.
This page was last updated on: January 13, 2014
This page was last updated: January 13, 2014