Then & Now
Well, it has been a few years since we were young and running the 'Ville with wild abandon, The ANIMALS, pride of the 6922nd Security Group, Clark AB, the Philippines. A few things about our appearance may have changed slightly since those great days in the PI. But our spirits never dampened and our friendships remain strong. To let everyone know who we were, what we looked like, what we look like now, and what we have done since we left the PI, this page is provided for the ANIMALS to let their kuyas know something about them since leaving the Land of the Magoo.

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Mouse and Zoot
Who stole Mouse's hair and why is Zoot doing a chipmunk impression?
Bozo, Wil, Ron, Mouse, and Mick
Some guys never change, but how come they look so much older?
Psst! Psst! Bozo! Not yet. Zootman just discovered his fly has been down the whole trip
Honest to God, Kuyas. That maganda hammer told me I hadda be at least that long. Ron, Wil and Zoot look on in apparent disbelief because they had been told the same thing by that hammer about themselves
Ron and Wil
Almost like waiting your turn on the couch at K* Sally's
With Wil's smile it may be a work in progress
Mouse looking to find out who called him "Dead Horse"
Bozo never changes. Still the Pogi Boy
The Zootman
Wore a Misawa Reunion T-shirt to the mini-Animal Gathering. Oh well, they all wore 1505s or fatigues at both places. One was just warmer than the other. Go figure!
The following NOW photos were taken at the ABLE Animal Mini-Reunion held in Washington, D.C. on 23-24 March 2001. It was great to get back together with our Kuyas after such a long break. Not much had changed. As Mouse stated, "If I had known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself."
Rob White
Washington Socialite and Raconteur has not forgotten any details of the PI - Rob's a walking Scream Sheet
Dinner at a Malaysian Restaurant - The Dew Drop Inn
Wil has the same Smile - Did he bring K*Sal along?
Do you think they serve Doggy-Q and pancit?
Here's today's Hippo, the Head Vulture's interlocutor with the Animals, and his lovely daughter, Christine. Is it me or does the Hip look different without his headphones on his head or around his neck and Edwin by his side?
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Pogi In Paradise
Proves that you can take the Man from the Hot Breathin', but you can't take the Hot Breathin' out of the Man.
Go you Animal, Go!