Remembrance and The Bomb Squad
While the 6922nd Security Wing/Group Animal House web site is focused on the many happy times we spent in The Philippines, there were other events that occurred that gave a pause to think of our own mortality. We lost two of our brothers and nearly lost six others in a bombing. Also, since we left the military to pursue our lives, there have been a number of our brothers who have passed away. This page is intended to recognize and remember those brothers who have died and those who survived.
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In Memoriam to Our Lost Brothers - Gone But Never Forgotten
The following Kuyas have left us to go to their final tour of duty. They are missed but their memories live on with us.

We thank God for allowing us the privilege of these extraordinary bonds of friendship and the memories of our youth. We're confident our departed Kuyas are in the palm of the Dear God of Our Faiths and, one day, we all will be together again in an Eternal Brotherhood. Until those days we remember them with love and affection:

Clifford Bales - 202 Dawg Flight - Killed by Huks near Bam Bam, Tarlac Province, RP  2 April 1970 with Donald Facklam

Donald Facklam - 203 Dawg Flight - Killed by Huks near Bam Bam, Tarlac Province, RP 2 April 1970 with Clifford Bales

((click here to view Pacific Stars and Stripes article from April 1970))

Bruce Bingham "Bing" Lowe - Baker Flight - Died in a car accident - 14 February 1971

Jack Wright - 292X2 Able Flight - Died in a motorcycle accident in 1972

Fred "Mertz" Meyers - 292X1DF Baker  Flight - Died in 1972 of cancer in Arizona

Dave "Tilly" Tillman - 292X1DF Able Flight - Died of unknown causes in Oregon - 28 May 1987

John "Lightnin' Legs" O'Meara - 292X1 Dawg Flight - Died of complications from heart surgery - 3 July 1994

Gary "Hutch" Hutchins -  202 Baker Flight - Died of unknown causes -  1 May 1996

James Petrie - 203C Days - Died of unknown causes  1998

Jerry Davis - 202 Able Flight - Died of unknown causes - 7 May 2001

Donald "PJ" Pettyjohn - 292X2 Baker Flight - Died of unknown causes - 8 May 2002

Paul "Peanuts" Weyant - 202 Baker/Days - Died of unknown causes in 2002

Danny Twining - 292X1 Able Flight - Died of unknown causes - 11 July 2002

Leonard T. Corcoran - 202 Days - Died 9 May 2003; USAF CMSgt retired in 1998

Billy Robbins -- Died of unknown causes - 21 April 2004 - (Billy's Obituary)

Dick "Tail Gunner" Gunnar - 202 Baker Flight - Died 12 March 2005 of cancer in Illinois (Dick's ObituaryLetter from his wife Marcia
His Eulogy Page 1Eulogy Page 2) 

Harmon "Chap" Chapital - 202 Able Flight - Died 9 April 2005 of cancer in Virginia

Bill Harwood - 202 Dawg Flight - Died of unknown causes  2 August 2005 

John "Eddie Haskell" Duncan - 292X1 Able Flight - Died 16 March 2006 of a blood clot following cancer surgery (John's Obituary)

The Bomb Squad Story
On November 15th 1969, six members of the 6922nd SW were running town near the Blue Eagle when a jeepney with Huks threw a homemade bomb into their midst. The shrapnel from the explosion caused serious injuries and near death. The six Kuyas were: Randy "Random" Roberts, Jack DuBrian, Dickie "Hairball" Meyers, Vic "Chili Bean" Kelly, Dave "Tilly" Tillman, and Joe "Mouse" Fraundorfer. The occasion was Mouse's birthday celebration that had started at the Little Brown Jug, a stop at the Blue Eagle, some one-and-gun bar hopping and was winding down at the Jet Bar across from the Blue Eagle (a secret hot breathing bar Mouse had stumbled on before, though he suspects one or more of the others had been there, maybe Jack DuBrian).

The jeepney appeared from behind a blue Air Force bus that was parked on that side of the road. No driver was seen. As the jeepney passed, a Huk hanging from the back lobbed what appeared to be a coffee can in the air. Mouse noticed the flame from the fuse, yelled to the others, grabbed two others and began to fall to the ground. The bomb went off and left all six Kuyas writhing on the ground. Some of the Filipina barmaids waiting outside the Jet Bar were also wounded in the blast.

Time was indeterminate. No one knows how the Air Police were informed nor how long it took for them to get there. Mouse had looked over his shoulder and noticed the jeepney was a brown, "Rustoleum" color and, after a while saw it parked past the bars further down MacArthur Boulevard.  The air police arrived and loaded everyone into a van and headed to Clark AB hospital. The Kuyas comforted each other on the long ride to Clark Air Base hospital.

Thankfully, Dr. Robert Turk and a great staff of nurses and medical personnel at the hospital attended to us. George "Witch Doctor" Goumas' former wife was a nurse in the Emergency Room at the time. After the doctors did triage separating the most serious injures, some were taken into surgery or to different rooms for treatment. After the surgeries, the Kuyas were hospitalized for further treatment. Mouse had shrapnel removed mostly from his thigh and tushy and was released to the unit for bed rest.

The Huks responsible for the bombing were never apprehended. The group was given the nickname "The Bomb Squad" and there developed a special bond among the survivors.

It was common that, when we were so young, we felt we were immortal. The bombing was a kind of wake-up call that we were very mortal after all. It gives us pause to think of the other events that occurred in Town could easily affect us and our friends at any time. The Air Force had warned us to travel in pairs when off base. I don't think even they were prepared for a bombing of multiple individuals. We were just extremely lucky that no one was killed.

To this day, we can make light of the bombing but deep inside we are all grateful to be alive and very thankful for the support of our Brothers as we healed.

((Click here to read the Detroit Free Press articles on the Bomb Squad))

These pictures were taken at the 6922nd SW Christmas Party 1969 where the Bomb Squad was reunited with their Kuyas. The picture on the left looks like a pose of a rock and roll band. 
From left: Terry "Fly" Eberhard, Randy "Random" Roberts, Chili Bean Kelly (with the soda jerk hat), Jack DuBrian (always a snappy dresser), Crash Willis in the background, Mouse (looking like some nerd in those USAF issue glasses and where is that right hand?), Dave Tillman, and Dickie "Hairball" Meyers (both dressed in hippie attire). The picture on the right shows all six of the Bomb Squad with only Randy wearing shorts to show off his bandages. Random, Jack DuBrian, Hairball (don't want to know what's in his mouth), Mouse, Tilly, and Chili Bean.
But we in it shall be remember'd. We few, we lucky few, we band of brothers...."     Shakespeare - Henry V
Richard "Pappy" Jewens - 202 Baker Flight - Died in his sleep 8 May 2007
Gregg "Turk" Taylor - 292X1 Able Flight - Died of a brain tumor 5 February 2008
Pictures from Turk's Memorial and His Eulogy
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Cincinnati Enquirer Article          ----      Kuya Eulogy
Dave "Eartha" Quate - 292X1 Dawg Flight Died Suddenly Complications of Diabetes   27 September 2008
Newspaper Obituary
The Empty Chair
For the first time at Kuya Reunion 2008 in Saint Louis, and empty chair was placed near the podium as a memorial to recognize the Kuyas we have lost but will never be forgotten. The Empty Chair memorial has been used by veteran's who lost comrades during a war and is the basis for the Oklahoma City memorial. The symbolism of the Empty Chair and it's meaning is summarized with this poem and the Empty Chair will remain a permanent remembrance at every Kuya Reunion. Rest well our Brothers. We remember you all in our hearts and memories. We mourn your loss and we all will be together again, forever. 

Together Then, Together Now, Together Always!
The Empty Chair

Sad times are now upon me,
As I stare at the empty space,
Where in the past I used to see,
Your bright and smiling face.
God chose to call you home and though
I didn’t think it time,
My grief was overwhelming, 
Filled far reaches of my mind.
The empty chair, that sits there now,
Awaiting your return,
Is nothing more, than a mortal’s hope,
For bridges that are burned.
My own time too, on earth will pass,
And someday I’ll be free,
To join you there in Heaven in,
The chair you’ve saved for me.
Kuya Eulogy
James "Holly" Hollingsworth - 292X2 Dawg Flight - Died Stomach Cancer  21 October 2008
Anthony "Sweet Tony" Leffin - 292X1DF Able Flight - Died Pancreatic Cancer  27 November 2008
Kuya Eulogy
Kuya Contribution Note
from Order of Elks
Note from Barbara Hollingsworth
Jimmy "Rico Ratso/Zit Zit" Meola - 292X1 Able Flight - Died of Cancer  18 October 2008
Darrell "Woody" Wood - 292X1 Able/Baker Flights - Died of Pneumonia  2 October 2009
San Antonio Express Obituary
Woody and Lita Reunion 2003
Roger Bromert - 292X1 Able Flight - Died Suddenly 5 January 2010
Glenn "The Saint" Gillette - Flight Cdr Able Flight - Died Melanoma  1 November 2010
(passed away on All Saint's Day)
Kuya Eulogy
Steve "Cris" Cristelli - 292X2 Able Flight - Died Pulmonary Embolism  27 November 2009
Randy and Lulu represented the Kuyas at Lt. Glenn Gillete's Memorial in Colorado meeting with family members and friends. Glenn's wife, Jean, is in the 1st picture, 2nd/3rd pics are Glenn's sister and brother, and lastly in the 4th pic is a tattoo on his sister which signified their special bond.
Audie Wade - Baker Flight -- Died of unknown causes 17 May 2009
Dale Rolland - 202 Days - Died of unknown causes - 3 July 2011

Bob Maki - 292X1 Able Flight - Died of Cancer - 3 May 2013
Bob "Walrus" Maki Obituary (Click on)
Bob "Swede" Swanson - 202 Able Flight - Died  of a Heart Attack 25 June 2013
Dick "Hairball" Meyers 292X1 Able Flight "Bomb Squad" - Died of a Heart Attack - 1 December 2013
            (see the Bomb Squad story below)
Tom Folkes Dawg Flight - Died of cerebral bleeding after a fall - 2 December 2013
Skip Coburn - Baker Flight - Died of double pneumonia - 18 March 2015
Tim "T-Bone" Browne -  Able Flight - Cancer - 9 August 2015
Bernice "Ma Bea" Campbell - Able Flight Mom - Wife of Marv Campbell - 
Lung Cancer Heart Failure - 12 August 2015
Ralph Rotunno - Baker Flight - Leukemia - 13 November 2015
Tom Stinecipher - Able Flight - Cancer - 17 November 2015
Terry Prickett - Able Flight - Diabetes - 7 July 2016
Bruce "Bruiser" Elgin Shaw - Dawg Flight - Complications from esophogeal cancer surgery - 8 October 2015
Ken "Kram" Kramarsic - Able Flight - Cancer - 4 February 2017
Mike Combes - Died of Unknown Causes 23 Sept 2012
Norm Collins - Able Flight - Vehicle Accident - 18 November 2017
Mark "Tarzan" Lyvers - Able Flight - Lengthy Illness - 26 August 2018
John "Kracker" Krakora - Able Flight - Lengthy Illness - 8 September 2018
Tom Lan Franca - Dawg Flight - Cancer - 1 April 2019