The pictures contained in these pages reflect some of our happiest times, the times we spent with our kuyas in the Philippines. Words help us to remember the good times, but pictures are the images of those times that speak a lot more than words and tell an entire story just at a glance. The pictures help us to remember the place, the time, the friends, and the events that have shaped us and keep us together forever as 6922nd ANIMALS.

Enjoy the images of the past and the memory of the bonds we Animals share, then, today, and forever.

If you have pictures you would like to add to the ANIMAL HOUSE Photo Album, send them to Mouse via email ( if you have them as a computer file (jpg or jpeg files, please) or hardcopies and he'll send them back to you. I've had problems with AOL files since they are automatically turned into zip files and resolution hasn't been very good.
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The Head Vulture Takes Flight
6922nd SW Flight Animals, That Is!
Recent Animal Photos
Page Five
Recent Animal
Those Were The Days
The Way We Were
More Old Pictures
Mouse when he was much younger and more virile preparing to go "Off, into the wild blue yonder".
Page Six
Reunion 2002 Las Vegas Pics
Page Six and a Half
Reunion 2002 and a couple of Pics from Reunion 1977 at Padre Island, Texas
Page Seven
Reunion 2002  Las Vegas Pics
Page Eight
More of the Oldies
Page Seven and a Half
A Few More Reunion 2002 Pics
  Page Three B
Old Photos from Long Beach and Baguio
Page Nine
Reunion 2003  Saint Louis Pics
Page Ten
Kuya Reunion 2004 San Antonio Pics
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Page Eleven
Kuya Reunion 2006 Cincinnati Pics
Page Twelve
Kuya Reunion 2007 Cincinnati Revisited Pics & Norm and Miki's Great Adventure
Page Thirteen    Lulu and Pogi in Paradise
Page Fourteen
Kuyas In The City
Page Fifteen
Kuya Reunion 2008 Saint Louis Pics
Page Three C     Pics of Baguio/Long                                                          Beach/Barracks/Manila/Flight                                            Line - Philippines Memories
  Page Two B       Chit and the Madisons
Page Sixteen
Kuya Reunion 2010 San Antonio Pics
Page Seventeen
Kuya Reunion 2011 North Myrtle Beach Pics