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"The Blues Brothers" - Gary Bruce with Charlie Beck at a local Cock Fight in Angeles City.
Been In The House
USAF Security Service 6922nd  Security Wing Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines
This site is dedicated to the members of Able, Baker, Charlie and Dawg flights and Day Ladies of the 6922nd Security Wingbetter known as  Animals.
 The Animal House preserves the memories of a lifetime and the deepest, most enduring friendships each of us has ever known. These special relationships continue to this day and only get stronger!
The Animals weren't much different than many military unit associations from the past. They were unique in the situation they found themselves in during the 1960s and 1970s. Picture this, it's the Vietnam era, the draft is chasing down many a fine man for service to Uncle Sam. We find ourselves in basic training, heads sheared, early to bed, early to rise, the clothing is identical, off to technical school then, for many, our first trips overseas to a remote land with foreign faces, language, culture and away from our families, friends, girlfriends and everything we held near and dear. We arrive in the Philippines in generally a hot, wet climate, trooped around, loaded in Air Force buses or base taxis full of anticipation or trepidation. At Buildings 5204 and 850, we are processed and assigned to work units: ABLE, BAKER, CHARLIE, DAWG Flights or Day Staff. If this was a first tour you didn't know what that meant. You didn't know at the time what a selection to 6922nd SW, Clark AB, The Philippines really meant, but you would soon find out. 
It's Break Time!
"This is Animals' TOWN and don't let anyone tell you any different!!!" exclaims Hippo to fellow Able Flighters Carpenter, Maki (deceased), and Cybulski sitting at their table in the Buckaroo.
(July 1969)
Tony Leffin "Making Lubs" to a San Miguel in the Little Brown Jug.
The One and Only - Chit, Rudy, and the Madisons - The Best Band in the Philippines - The 6922nd were all Groupies.
Sample ticket sold for the Animal Beer Blast with Sounds held at the Blue Eagle with Music by the Madisons. Lots of Stories here. Cleared Personnel Only - allowed "Under Four Only" which excluded the lifers.
"Connie the Peanut Girl" arrives at the Jug.
Madisons playing at 6922nd Security Wing Picnic  in 1969.
Bob Harris, Mike Adair, Jack Wright (deceased), John Blanton, and Tony Leffin (deceased) hangin' in the doorway of the Little Brown Jug.
 (circa 1969)
 Two Able Animals Groovin' (unknown X2 and Kowalski) and Sippin' to the Madisons at the Wing Picnic 1969.
Gathering of Able Flight between shifts on the 2nd floor balcony of barracks. Clockwise starting at 12 high: Chap Chapital (deceased), (unknown 202), Jack Dubrian, Jeepney Carpenter, Kaine, Cook, and Undetermined. 
Managers of the Little Brown Jug waiting for the 6922nd to come rolling in after a watch.
   Sincerely Kuyas,
Your Webmaster - "Mouse"
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Able Animals (1971) gathering outside the Jug for a group photo. Typically attracted Angeles "street people" consisting of flower girls, shoe shine boys, and others.
Able Flighter regulars on the sidewalk in front of the Little Brown Jug for the ritual photo.  Back row left to right:  Talbot, Dacus, Vellinga, Gilson, Leffin, Mouse, LaVelle, Chapital, Carpenter,  and Maki.  Front row left to right:  Eberhardt, Robbie Robinson, (Rabbit fm Alabama), Buhr, Wright, Willis, and Rock Blanton.  Animal up high next to the San Miguel sign is Norm Collins. 
(Feb 28th 1969)
"Yeah....  We're bad....!  Gotta get past us to go in this bar."  actually went without saying when encountering the Able Animals in front of the Little Brown Jug. Notice the sign over Tony's left should "Peddlers and Shoe Shiners are not allowed inside". Left to right: Tony Leffin, Mike Adair, Jim Grusecki, John Blanton, Jack Wright, Bob Harris, and Norm Collins.
 (circa 1969)
Norm Collins enjoying one of many Magoos in the Jug.
 (Circa 1969)
Breakfast of Champions as Able Flighter Jim Grusecki knew well.
 (Circa 1969)
Between the bunks in the barracks you would find wood stereo lockers made by the Beagans.  Note the Teac reel-to-reel, and  Sansui amp with large speakers.  Also Playboy pinup on open door, and it sits right next to the bunkbeds. 
 (Circa 1969)
The "Elephant Cage" enabled a clear signal on the R-390 from AFRTS and hear the latest tunes from the "World".
Jack Wright (deceased), Norm Collins, and Rock Blanton with elbows on the bar and looking intense in the Little Brown Jug.
(circa 1969)
Through this gate passed the Air Force's finest Animals on their way to and from "Town".
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Jug Pic with Hippo, Joe Cybulski, Dunno, Bob Maki with Jesse; Back row: Kevin "Poo-Bear" Brown, Tex, and assorted beaks and beakettes
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